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STUDIO / PROCESS Letterpress Resource Page
I have 2 presses in my studio. A Kelsey Excelsior 6 x 10 Tabletop press and a Chandler & Price (C&P) 10 x 15 letterpress. I started learning on the small press and recently graduated to the larger machine.

To read the details about how we moved the C&P and see links to letterpress resources, click here.

Here's a simple glimpse into my process and how I go about planning a project. Currently I'm interested in linoleum carving. You can use a press for a variety of printing techniques and this is just the start to endless possibilities!

1. First step is to trace my original drawing onto tracing paper.
2. The traced image is placed over carbon paper so that I can transfer the image to a lineoleum block.
3. I carve the linoleum block by hand with a carving tool.
4. I print my carving with black ink. I will use this copy for the coloring process.


5. I place tracing paper over the top so I can make some decisions about colors and where they will go.
6. Once I have my colors, I break each color out onto a separate piece of tracing paper. Here is my dark yellow tracing.
7. Next I transfer the image to the lineoleum block like I did in step 2 above.
8. The image is carved and the trace-transfer-carve steps are repeated for additional colors.


9. I lock my first color into the chase.
10. Once the chase is secured, I ink up the linoleum block.
11. Here is my ink mixed up. I use a piece of glass to mix my ink together. Color choices are endless!!
12. From my original line carving I can check registration by printing my first carving to a acetate sheet.


Here is the final print. So I carved a light yellow, dark yellow, and purple layer first then followed that with the yellow ocre linework layer. Lastly I added the text layer, which was printed with lead type.

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